instagram-1The practice of buying Instagram followers and likes is gaining popularity for its effectiveness and productivity.

This service makes it possible for users to grow their online presence and widen their reach for personal and commercial purposes within short periods of time.

There are certain measures that must be put in place to guarantee the lasting success to buy instagram followers.

The following tips should be taken seriously to get the best out of the scheme.

Planning and goal-setting

Having a business plan and setting specific goals is important in developing an Instagram marketing strategy.

The implementation of the marketing strategy must begin as soon as the user opens an Instagram account.

It is advisable to test the effectiveness of the marketing strategy with organic followers before considering the purchase of followers from buy Instagram Followers Service Providers.

A Good Instagram Foundation Must be a Priority

Patience must be exercisedand the temptation tostart buying followers immediatelyafter joining Instagram must be resisted. It is important to have at least a small organic following before buying Instagram followers.

Instagrammers might get suspicious and be turned off by a sudden exponential increase in followers and likes. It may trigger resentment and make them boycott the user.

Contracting an Expert


Contracting a social media marketing expert who understands the market might be necessary to develop an effective Instagram strategy preparatory to buying followers.

Mistakes can be avoided and time saved by hiring an expert who can choose the best service providers and integrate other social media accounts with the Instagram account.

Active Posting Routine

Being an active poster is necessary to have a large followership on Instagram.

Having a routine of posting daily is vital before buying Instagram followers.

An average posting rate of twice daily is deemed to be sufficient by industry players.

Staying True to the Brand

All posts and comments should align with a central message. Consistency of messages makes effective branding possible.

For example, if the overall marketing goal is to boost the sales of a product in western countries, then the Instagram strategy should be to brand the company to reflect a western culture.

Photos of the product designed in such as way to promote the western culture should always be posted.

Strategic Posting Schedule

Having a culture of posting at strategic times is necessary to get the best out of followers. It is imperative to develop this culture before buying followers.

The majority of likes and followers are usually harvested within an hour after posting.

Posting at times such as mid-afternoon during the week is the best way of getting desired results.

Use of Hashtags

Being conversant with the most widely used hashtags is obligatory. It is recommended that the use of hashtags be mastered before buying followers.

Hashtags should be used with most posts. The harvest of followers and likes can increase by up to 20% through the use of popular hashtags.

Other Valuable Tools

Making effective use of geotagging, captions and other photo featuresboosts the productivity of Instagram marketing efforts.  This should be done, preferably before buying Instagram followers. These tools enhance the harvesting of more followers and likes.